Security Solutions and the Environment

Solar panel for security
on Fri 12 Jun

If you're living in an eco-friendly home or aiming to be a carbon neutral business, your choices of security products are vital. The security industry isn't known for leading the way in green technology. Can you maintain your security without harming the environment?

Recent advances in technology are beginning to make the goal of environmentally-friendly security more of a reality.

One of our most popular systems is our wireless Videofied system that uses low-energy technology. It has several key features that reduce its environmental impact:

  1. Motion activation reduces energy use - the system only draws power when it needs to.
  2. The system is wireless, so no time, energy or materials spent on digging trenches for cables or making good the interior of buildings.
  3. Once activated, a clip is sent to a monitoring station who check the video and only send someone out if it is a genuine call, reducing false alarms. Traditional systems meant someone had to travel to the site for every alert, but this keeps the journeys to essential ones only.
  4. The system is also available as a rental option for a fixed term. When the term is up and the products have been tested and refurbished, they can be used again, reducing environmental waste. Re-use is even better than recycle.

If you wanted to install a renewable energy solution, then solar power could be the answer for all types of security systems - including CCTV and intruder alarms. Specially designed solar panels can be linked to your installation, providing a more sustainable way of powering your security.

The security industry may not be at the forefront of green technology, but we are pleased to see the start of new methods that safeguard your property without compromising our planet.


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